Moodle-OBE integration troubleshooting

When facing issues with exporting marks from Moodle to OBE, please check the following cases and see if any of these may be applied to your case:

Case 1 - If your activity has multiple subcomponents, ensure that advanced grading (marking guide / rubric) is used. You can use simple direct grading but it is NOT advisable to use that if your activity consists of multiple subcomponents. The integration will not work properly.

Case 2 - Ensure that the marking guide / rubrics are configured properly and used. Below is what happens when you have advanced grading setup but do not use it:

No subcomponents will be available

This is the notice you will see in the grading setup

If you intend to use simple grading, then the grading method must be set as such. Otherwise, if you intend to use marking guide/rubrics, then you must prepare it for use.

Case 3 - Do not override the marks as it will cause issues when exporting to OBE. If you override the marks, it will be highlighted as yellow in the gradebook. Doing so will cause issues when exporting marks to OBE:

Do not do this. If you want to rectify the marks of a student, please regrade them in the grader accordingly and save the marks again.

Case 4 - If you do not find a particular student’s name when exporting marks (or you saw students under this tab while exporting):

please check to ensure that the lecture class code is assigned to them in the Participants tab. It is exactly like assigning a group to a student for group assignment purposes. REMEMBER to click on the disk icon to save. Otherwise, it will not register.

Case 5 - If you have made any changes to the marks after you have finalised your results, you will need to request assessment team to unfinalise them so that the new results can be finalised.

Case 6 - Do not touch the grade weightage in Moodle, the grades in Moodle will auto-scale when exported to OBE:

Do not touch the weightage, leave it as default. If you have made changes to it, just untick them.

Case 7 - If you made any changes to your rubric / marking guide AFTER you have marked your students, remember to save those marks again (just click save if the marks are already there). Otherwise, if you export to OBE, the grades will not register and export properly.

Please take note of this error message in the grader

Case 8 - If you noticed that the results in OBE were not exported correctly, check your rubric / marking guide for any error messages. You may come across something like this if you did not set your marks properly:

The message is self-explanatory. If this is what is interfering with marks exporting, either adjust your rubric / marking guide or the total marks in your activity. Be warned that if you made changes, you will need to save all the marks again.

Case 9 - Please ensure that the components in your rubric / marking guide DO NOT share the same name, otherwise this will cause issues. Like the case above, if you make a changes to the rubric / marking guide (component names included), you will need to save all the marks again.

Case 10 - ALWAYS check your Module Descriptor and ensure that there are no mistakes in there because it WILL affect marks. For example:

Check how many questions need to be fulfilled and if it is supposed to be all questions or just a particular number only. If you, for example, select 1 out of 4, OBE will always pick the highest score. If that is not supposed to be the case, please correct your Module Descriptor.

Case 11 - If your exam marks do not reflect correctly in OBE, ensure that ALL questions are graded, even if they were not answered by students (applies only for exams where all questions need to be answered). Otherwise, there will be mark disparity in OBE.

Case 12 - Ensure that your marking guide matches EXACTLY your module descriptor requirements. For example, if your module descriptor requires 4 out of 6 sub-components to be fulfilled, you MUST have 6 criteria in your marking guide even if you are not using all of them (applies to lecturers who use Assignment to conduct exams). Otherwise, you may face an issue where you could not export your marks to OBE.

Important: You may come across a situation where the max grade of your marking guide is more than the default 100 marks (for example 150) after you include all criteria. This can be resolved by changing the total marks here in your assignment settings:

  • If students have already submitted, go to the ‘Rescale existing grades’ option and select Yes, then change the maximum grade to match the maximum grade of your marking guide.

  • If students have not submit, just change the maximum grade.

Case 13 - Do not match the same subcomponents in your module descriptor to different marking criteria in Moodle if you have more than one of it. For example:

In OBE, this component has 2 subcomponents. If you match only one of the subcomponents to two different criteria in Moodle as such:

It will not work properly.

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