Moodle-OBE integration troubleshooting

When facing issues with exporting marks from Moodle to OBE, please check the following cases and see if any of these may be applied to your case:

Case 1: Ensure that advanced grading (marking guide / rubric) is used. The integration WILL NOT work without advanced grading. This means you must not use simple direct grading if you have multiple subcomponents for an activity.

Case 2: Ensure that the marking guide / rubrics are configured properly. Do not override the marks or upload marks from Excel as they will cause issues when exporting to OBE. Below is what happens when you have advanced grading setup but do not use it:

No subcomponents will be available

If you override the marks, it will be highlighted as yellow in the gradebook. Doing so will cause issues when exporting marks to OBE:

Do not do this. If you want to rectify the marks of a student, please regrade them accordingly.

Case 3: If you do not find a particular student’s name when exporting marks, please check to ensure that the lecture class code is assigned to them in the Participants tab. It is exactly like assigning a group to a student for group assignment purposes.

Case 4: If you have made any changes to the marks after you have finalised your results, you will need to request assessment team to unfinalise them so that the new results can be finalised.

Case 5: Do not touch the grade weightage in Moodle, the grades in Moodle will auto-scale when exported to OBE:

Do not touch the weightage, leave it as default. If you have made changes to it, just untick them.