APSoftware is APU's Software Download Service that enables APU students and staff to obtain software like NetSim, SPSS, Solidworks at no cost through the University’s software licensing program. This service is only available to computers that have verified their identity with APKey, APU's single sign-on service.  View the list of available Software titles below to ensure that it's available for download or must be obtained via other Software Distribution sources. 

APSoftware is an ever-improving service. The new software will gradually be added to the service list to allow the student and staff to enjoy the benefits of being part of APU.

Software published under APSoftware should only be used for educational purposes. If a user is caught using the software for commercial use, the user will be barred from using APSoftware.

** - These installation guides require login with your student/staff credential to view - https://apiit.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/ITSM/pages/588841365, as it contains sensitive information.

In case of further inquiry, please open a ticket with the Virtual Help Centre. Alternatively, you may choose to access APSpace > More > Help Centre for further guidance and support. This guideline is designed for you to help you in the process of opening a ticket.


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