What is APCard?

APCard is an on-campus cashless transaction system that is integrated with the student card. It is used for on-campus transactions, including the payment for parking, cafeteria, convenience store, and the SweatZone lockers.

How do I activate my APCard?

The APCard is activated by APU prior to issuance.

How do I check if my APCard has been activated?

The card status can be verified by trying to top-up the card or accessing the parking.

What do I need to do if I lost my APCard?

For loss of APCard, a replacement card can be applied for by reporting to the Student Administrative Counter on Level 4, upon which there is a waiting period. A nominal replacement fee may be applicable.

My APCard is unreadable at any outlet. What should I do?

A report can be submitted to the Student Administrative Counter for a replacement card to be issued, upon which there is a waiting period.

I am progressing to degree level. What is the procedure for the new APCard issuance?

Upon progression, the old card must be returned to the Student Administrative Counter in order to be issued a new card.

APCard Collection Procedure

Beginning of each intake, new students coming to the campus for the first time and who have never before had an APCard issued to them, must Collect their APCard as follows:

  • Date & location will be provided by the student ambassadors to the students.

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