APRescue@APU - Remote Support

Remote Support empowers IT Staff to quickly and securely connect to endpoints, anywhere.

With APRescue, support agent can access computers, Laptops or Mobile phones, on and off the University network. Our support agents can resolve issues directly, rather than talking a user through often elaborate or confusing procedures on the phone or conduct an on-site visit. Additionally, support agents can collaborate with other support agents/developers to a remote session when additional insight is needed.

APRescue is powered by TeamViewer, is the University’s Remote Support tool. APRescue includes remote control & screen sharing, unattended access, annotations, file sharing, remote mobile device camera sharing & script execution.

Getting Started

After contacting your Support Agent representative by phone, email or the IT Helpdesk, users can begin a remote support session by navigating one of two methods. 

First, If the Support Agent assists you through the IT Helpdesk system, the support agent will send you a session request. Click the link below to navigate yourself.


Alternatively, an ‘APRescue Quick Support Agent' may be requested to be installed by the support agent in scenarios where the issue is not under the IT Helpdesk system. Click the link below to navigate yourself.


If you are using a smartphone and would like our support agent to assist you with a technical issue, Click the link below to navigate yourself.

Privacy & Security

User privacy and data security are the foundation of Remote Support and a viable factor.

Users are in full control of their remote support experience when a support agent is connected. The user can terminate the remote session by closing the APRescue application window at any time the user feels unsafe. This will terminate all on-going activity by the support agent.

Before starting or accepting a Remote Support session, it is strongly recommended that you close any open documents which contain personal, confidential or regulated data. The information will be visible to our support agents when viewing your screen remotely.

All actions performed by the support agent during a support session is logged and monitored.


If you have any questions, visit our Virtual Help Centre and search our Knowledge Base to find the answers you may need; FAQs, self-instructions, troubleshoot guides, tutorials etc.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk Centre at 03-8992 5050 during operating hours or you may log a help-desk request by sending an email to assist@apu.edu.my from your Office365@APU email.

Support Agent

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