GIMS Report not working

Due to compatibility with current OS, some GIMS feature might have issue to working properly. One of the repetitive issues is, report is not working and hang the whole GIMS application. Please follow below steps to resolved:

  1. Force close every GIMS related processes using Task Manager; right click on the Workspace taskbar > Task Manager > Select GIMS > End Task. Repeat for Report Background Engine and other GIMS if you open more than 1

  2. Login to GIMS again and run an alternative report to trigger the Report Background Engine. Here shown, we run one of the Academic Report

  3. Close the Academic Report, leave the Reports Background Engine

  4. Run the Moderation Report

5. Might need to try with other report if Academic Report is also not working. Other report that might always works is Print Student Result in Student Data

6. Do let us know if error is still occurred.


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