Campus Access

This discusses the access to different facilities and offices by both staff and students on campus through the use of an APCard which may be a Student ID-Card or Staff ID-Card.

Staff and students have different levels of access to facilities and offices on campus. Using an APCard, this can be the student ID card(otherwise called a TP-card on campus) or it can be a Staff member ID-Card; access to a facility like the gym(Sweat Zone) or staff offices is granted as needed. Swipe the APCard on the readers placed by the door.

Access to building from level 1 and Level 2 are locked between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. every day. Schedules may vary depending on special needs such as students’ event.

Upon receiving your APCard, the card number has been keyed into the database system that controls all appropriate electronic doors on campus.

If your APCard does not work, and you need access to a building, please walk-in with the APCard to the TechCentre Office which is presently at level 6 opposite Block D during office hours. The technical staff will have the card verified and access-issue remedied if necessary.

On campus residence can only be accessed by residents, not visitors.

Sections of academic staff can only be accessed by authorised staff and authorised students.


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