OnBoard@APU (Wireless)

OnBoard@APU is seamless, easy to use,  secure and works with all major operating system (OS) platforms. You need to connect to the OnBoard@APU, and it will guide you through a simple and straightforward process of connecting to Staff@APU 2.0 or Student@APU 2.0 to enjoy the features.


  • High-Speed Wireless Internet bandwidth up to 50Mbps for every device.

  • Encrypt data in transit over the air between devices and wireless access points which make it almost impossible to hack via the campus wireless network.

  • Empower you to securely self-provision your devices for network access up to 4 devices —without IT staff intervention.

  • Secure every connection for devices with WPA2-Enterprise.

  • Perform up-front security posture check with remediation during network onboarding

  • Improve network security by using digital certificates for authentication.

  • Enhance network security through integration with next-generation firewall, and mobile device manage management products.


OnBoard@APU is supported by many end-user devices with 5.0Ghz WiFi band enabled . Below are the guidelines for many common platforms.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Answer: Onboard@APU, Student@APU 2.0 and Staff@APU 2.0 are configured to provide a 5GHz connection and therefore can only connect on the 5GHz frequency. In some cases, manufacturers elect not to install dual-band radios in their devices. If you have attempted unsuccessfully to connect to these SSID or cannot find the network, it may be because your device contains only a 2.4GHz radio. In order to assure APU Wi-Fi connection for these devices, the Wireless@APU SSID was created.

As an important reminder, if you can use Onboard@APU, Student@APU 2.0 or Staff@APU SSID, you should. You will experience better wireless performance.

Answer: Yes! If you want to make your computer capable of connecting to the 5 GHz frequency, the easiest way is to purchase a wireless adapter. We recommends that you purchase an 802.11ac USB wireless adapter such as AC1300 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Nano USB Adapter (typically less than $100 online).

Answer: This is because you have not to click the Authentication Agent link. Kindly refer to Step 5 of the article on How-To-Connect (based on your particular device type) and access the page with Authentication Agent and click on Install The Network.

Answer: At times, the WiFi profile after being download and installed the SSID needs to be manually connected. Please follow the steps mentioned in the image below or following Step 16 in the guideline.


Answer: No. The new WiFi service (Onboard@APU / Student@APU 2.0 / Staff@APU 2.0) is currently enabled only at APU and APIIT campuses. However, APU Satellite Campus Residence is still using the the legacy WiFi system. Therefore, please connect to BYOD@APU (recommended) or Wireless@APU to get connected to the WiFi Internet from APU Satellite Campus Residence .

Answer: Onboard@APU supports a maximum of 4 devices per user at the moment. So if you would want to register another device, you will have to de-register/delete an old device and register the new device. Please see the guideline to learn how to manage your device.

Residents of APU on-campus accommodation can register a game console and/or digital media device (such as smart TVs, PS (PlayStation) Series, XBox Series and Nintendo) for use on the on-campus network. If you have a wireless-capable device that does not support the WPA2 Enterprise protocol used by the Student@APU 2.0 or Wireless@APU networks, then you should submit a support ticket on https://apiit.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals or email assist@apu.edu.my and our network support engineer will assist you accordingly.

The issues will be addressed based on Ad-Hoc requests.

Note: Ensure to select the correct Component when creating the issue.


If you have any questions, do visit the Knowledge Base to find the answers you may need at https://apiit.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to walk-in to the APU 's TechCentre located at Level 6, opposite of Block D (D-6) during operating hours or you may log a helpdesk request by sending an email to assist@apu.edu.my from your Office365@APU email.


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