Wi-Fi Speed Test and Optimizing Wi-Fi Settings

To optimize your Wi-Fi experience on campus, start by performing a Wi-Fi speed test at speedtest.net. If your speed is slower than 12 Mbps then you should consider trying some of the following steps to improve your Wi-Fi:

  1. Adjust your power and Wi-Fi transmission settings; Check the following settings to ensure your built-in Wi-Fi adapter is optimized.

    1. Disable Power Savings Mode
      Some devices will slow or turn off Wi-Fi to conserve battery power. Maximize Wi-Fi performance by changing your power settings.

    2. Switch Wi-Fi channel to 5GHz
      2.4GHz is common frequency for  electronic devices and has many limitation including wireless interference. To avoid wireless interference with these electronics, switch your device to 5GHz:
      Network Connections → Adjust the Channel mode to prefer 5GHz

  2. Upgrade your Wi-Fi adapter to 5Ghz; A USB 5Ghz Wi-Fi adapter is an easy way to enhance your device to get the fastest speeds available.

  3. Update your network drivers;Check with your device manufacturer to see if new software drivers are available.

Ensure your device is up-to-date with the latest service packs and security updates.

Walk-in to the TechCentre @ Level 6 APU Campus with your Wi-Fi-Enabled-Device to allow Technical Assistants to help you in-person.