Troubleshooting SAP GUI 7.50

This page documents few of common issues you might face while using SAP GUI 7.50 and how to solve it.

I got “service ‘3298 ' unknown”/”partner ‘IP address’ not reached” error while connecting to system.

You need to unblock the port 3298 in your firewall.

Open Start Menu and enter firewall. Then open Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security.

Click on Outbound Rules, and right click to open up the context menu. Click New Rule.

Select Port, click Next.

Type in 3298 in Specific remote ports, then click Next.

Select Allow the connection, click Next.

Click Next.

Enter a name that you will recognize in the future and click Finish.

I got “Client 3XX is not available in this system” error while logging in.

Make sure you change the Client field value to 360 before logging in.

I got “timeout occured” error while connecting.

Click on Yes and try to reconnect again. Make sure your Internet connection is stable.


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