RemoteLab@APU is a service that enables students and staff to connect to Technology Lab computers remotely from anywhere and anytime via popular web browsers. The users establish a secure HTTPS connection via the browser to a proxy server and then gets assigned a connection to a physical lab computer. This leverages on APU’s existing resources in the physical labs on campus.

RemoteLab@APU is a limited resource and students who wish to use it would need to get approval by submitting a Support Ticket stating the purpose of use.

RemoteLab@APU is powered by Apache Guacamole. Apache Guacamole is a client-less remote desktop gateway. It supports standard protocols like VNC, RDP, and SSH.


  • Supports macOS (VNC) & Windows (RDP) Platform

  • Remote into phyiscal lab computer to optimize resources

  • Leverage physical computer resources like GPU,CPU & RAM remotely.

  • Service is accessible via secure HTTPS (Browser) connection

How to Connect

This guideline will help you to connect to RemoteLab@APU

FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)

I keep seeing an error message 'Connected to Guacamole. Waiting for response'.

This error has two possibilities. Which is as below:

  1. All desktops are currently in use, and the server is waiting to assign an available desktop to you.

  2. The server is having an issue to establish a connection with the client.



Solution: Please try to use the service in a later time of the day, However it if still persist, the system administrator would need to look into it case by case. Thus please submit a support ticket and we will look into it.

Can I use this service anytime of the day?

Solution: The service will be available 24/7. However there is limited desktops available at the moment and connections will be assigned based on First-In First-Out.

What will happen to all my files on the computer?

Solution: As we will be leveraging the LAB Computers, any files saved on the computer will be automatically deleted upon a restart. Thus we recommend to save your files on OneDrive which is provided to you by Microsoft 365@APU.

Can other students see my fies or connect to my session?

Solution: Other students are not able to see your work or desktop when connected to RemoteLab@APU. Each student will be connected to their own profile on a particular assigned machine.

I keep getting the message 'the Gucamole server is denying access to this connection beacuase you have exhausted the limit for simultaneous connection use by an individual user. Please close one or more connections and try again.'

Solution: Click on RECONNECT few times till the system redirects you to your active session.

This issue happens when you try to refresh your webpage or connect to the remotelab@APU again while having an active session. every student is only entitled to have 1 connection at a time.


If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk Centre by opening a ticket with the Virtual Help Centre. Alternatively, you may choose to access APSpace > More > Help Centre for further guidance and support. Not sure how to open a ticket? Please follow this guideline.

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