SAP GUI 7.50 Installation Guide (macOS)

This guide will show the process for installing SAP GUI 7.50 on your macOS workstation.

For Windows user, please follow SAP GUI 7.50 Installation Guide (Windows) instead.

Step 1: Install Java 8 JDK

SAP GUI 7.50 requires Java 8 to run. You can download Java 8 JDK from the following link.

Download link: jdk-8u144-macosx-x64.dmg

Once downloaded, double click on the .dmg file.

Double click the icon to begin installation process

Click Continue.

Click Install.

Press Close.

Step 2: Install SAP GUI

Download SAP GUI 7.50 installer from the following link.

Download link: PlatinGUI750_5-80002494.jar

Double click the .jar file you downloaded.

You should receive this message. Click on OK.

Open your macOS System Preferences.

Click on Security & Privacy.

At the bottom, click on Open Anyway.

When the SAP GUI installer shows up, click Next.

Click on Next.

Leave the settings as it and click Install.

Once the installation is done, click Close.

Step 3: Setting up connection

Once installed, you will need to create connection. Open SAP GUI 7.50 by double clicking the icon in Applications.

Click on New Connection, then go to Advanced.

For description, you can enter anything you want. Click the Expert Mode checkbox next to Expert Settings. Enter the following string inside the textbox:


Click on Save.

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