IBM SPSS Statistics 26.0

IBM SPSS (Statistical Product and Service Solutions) Statistics is a software package used by researchers and it is commonly for statistical analysis. This article will guide you on installing IBM SPSS Statistics 26.0 on your workstation.

IBM SPSS Statistics published under APSoftware should only be used for educational purposes. If a user is caught using the software for commercial use, the user will be barred from using IBM SPSS Statistics.

Downloading IBM SPSS

Download the installer using the following link: IBM SPSS v26.0 Win-MacOSX

Click on the three dots icon and select Download. The contents of entire folder will be zipped and downloaded.

macOS users, please navigate into the MacOS Folder and download the 'macOS_Installer'.DMG’ file

Check your downloads folder for the installer file. Open and extract the installer files.

Once extracted, double click on setup.exe to start the installation process.

Installing IBM SPSS

After launching the installer, you will be presented this installer menu. Select Install IBM SPSS Statistics 26.

Click Next.

Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

Select Yes if you need Python essentials, or No if you don’t need it. Click Next.

Optional: If you choose to install Python essentials, you will need to accept Python and Essentials for Python add-on license agreement. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

You can change the installation location here. Click Next.

Click Install to start the installation.

Installation process will now begin and it should takes around 10 minutes.

Keep the Start SPSS Statistics 26 License Authorization Wizard now checked and click Finish.

Activating IBM SPSS


In the licensing wizard, select Concurrent user license and click Next.

In License Manager name or Server IP Address, enter “” and click Next.


It usually takes 5 seconds to complete.

If the licensing is successful, you will see this message. Click Finish.

The two features included in the license are IBM SPSS Statistics (1200) and IBM SPSS Statistics Base (1221).



To launch IBM SPSS Statistics 26, open Start Menu and type in “spss”, click on IBM SPSS Statistics 26.

If the licensing is successful, you will see the following window with all features enabled:


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