NI LabView 2020 Installation Guide – Free 6 months license

LabVIEW is a graphical program commonly used by scientists and engineers for data acquisition, instrument control, and industrial automation. This article will guide you on installing LabVIEW on your workstation.

Register NI User Account

  1. If you already have a National Instrument account, skip to Login and Download.

Registration form

Go to using your web browser. You will see a form to create an NI User Account.

Fill in the appropriate fields with the following details:




 Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

School Address

 Jalan Teknologi 5


 Kuala Lumpur


 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Postal Code


Email address

 TP email (Format:

It will show “Enter a valid email address” when you enter your TP email. This is normal and you can still click on Create Account to register.

Once all the details have been entered, click Create Account.

Confirm account creation

Once you submitted the form, you will be asked to confirm your account. National Instruments (NI) will send an activation email to the email that you registered with.

If you didn’t find the confirmation email, check your Spam folder or click Resend.

Once you find the email titled Please confirm your NI user account, click on the link to activate your account.

Once you click on the link, your account will be activated. Click Continue.

Login and Download


Go to and login to your NI User Account.

Download Software

After you activate your account/log in to your user account, navigate to

You will be given a Serial Number. This Serial Number will be valid for at least 70 days. You can always come back to this website to view the Serial Number if you need to reactivate in the future.

Under Additional Resources, click on Download Software.

You will see this download page to download LabVIEW. In Application Bitness, select 64-bit.

Leave other settings to default.

If you are using different Operating System, such as macOS, you need to change Supported OS to the correct settings.

Once you choose the settings you need, click on Download.

You might receive a prompt to enter your password. Simply verify your account by entering your NI account password.

When prompted, in Primary Job Activity select Other.

You will see this page and the download will start. Click on Restart the download if your installer is not downloading.


Double click the installer that you just downloaded will start the installation.

Install NI Package Manager

Before the LabVIEW install, you will need to install Package Manager. Select I accept the above license agreement and click Next.

When prompted about disabling Windows Fast Startup, click Next.

On this page, click Next. The installation will proceed and it will take a minute.

Install LabVIEW and drivers

Once the Package Manager had been installed, the LabVIEW installer will shows up. In this page, select the components you wanted to install. The essentials components are selected by default.

Once you are done selecting the components to install, click Next.

On this page, you will be given the option to select additional items to install. Leave it to default and click Next.

Select I accept the above license agreement(s) and click Next.

Select I accept the above license agreement(s) and click Next.

When prompted about disabling Windows Fast Startup, click Next.

On this page, click Next.

The installation will proceed and it will take 15 minutes to an hour depending on your Internet connection.

When the installation is completed, you will see this dialog box. Click on Yes if you want the software to update automatically. To prevent unnecessary update checking, click on No.

Next, you will see a dialog box to opt-in to their Customer Experience Improvement Program. Select No, I do not want to participate in the NI Customer Experience Improvement Program and click OK.

Activate LabVIEW 2019

After the installation is completed, you will be requested to activate LabVIEW. Click on Log in to Activate.

You will be prompted to login to your account. Enter your NI User Account credentials and press Enter.

Once you logged in, most components including the main software will be activated.

You will see a list of components that needs manual activation. Click on the drop-down box and select Enter a serial number.

You can refer to this page after login for the Serial Number.

Once you fill in the Serial Number in all the text boxes, click Activate.

If the serial number is working, you will see LabView is activated. Click on Finish.

Click on Reboot Now to complete the installation.

Installation Complete

To launch LabVIEW, in the Start Menu type in “ni labview 2020” and press enter.

If you see this when you open LabVIEW, it means your LabVIEW is activated properly.

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