IBM SPSS Statistics Installation Guide (macOS)


Click Here For New Guide - IBM SPSS Statistics 26.0

Please login with your student/staff email credential to view the new guide as it contains confidential credentials related to software.

The guide below is outdated. Please see the information above.


This guide will show the process for installing IBM SPSS Statistics on your macOS workstation.

For Windows user, please follow IBM SPSS Statistics Installation Guide (Windows) instead.

The IBM SPSS Statistics Subscription Trial license will be valid for until June 15, 2020.

Step 1 – Register IBMid Account

Navigate to IBM SPSS Statistics offer page on your preferred browser. Enter the following details into the form and click Next.

If you already have an IBMid, you can click on the Log in link to login and receive the offer.


Select the appropriate options and enter your phone number. Click Next.

Login to your student email on Look for an email sent by the 7 digit confirmation code.

If you didn’t find the confirmation code email, check in your spam folder or click Resend code.

Paste the 7 digit confirmation code and click Create Account.

Click Proceed. You will login to IBM automatically.

Step 2 – Download IBM SPSS Statistics

In your My IBM dashboard, you should see one offering under Trials. Click on Download.

Scroll down until you see the Download button. Click on Download under the appropriate option, choose Save File, and click OK.

Step 3 – Install IBM SPSS Statistics

Double click the dmg file to mount the disk image and start the installation process. Click on StatisticsSub_Installer.

In this window, select “I agree” and click Continue.

You can change the installation destination here. Click Continue.

The installation will take place, it will take a few minutes.

Once the installation is completed, click Launch.

After Installation

Open launchpad and look for IBM SPSS Statistics. On the first launch, you will need to Sign In to IBMid. Sign in using your IBMid credentials.

Once you successfully sign in to your IBMid, you will see the Welcome screen.

If you see the message “You have N days left in your trial.”, it means your IBMid has successfully tied to the IBM SPSS Statistics in your workstation. You can start using the software until the end of the trial period.


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