Guide For Autodesk Education License

This is a guide to get Autodesk education license for 3 years and install software like – AutoCAD, 3DMAX, Inventor, etc.

Follow the following steps in order:

Register Autodesk Account

  1. If you already have an Autodesk account, skip to Login and Download.

Registration Form

Go to using your web browser. You will see a form to create an Autodesk Account. Create your account using student email.

Check the box “I agree to the Autodesk Terms of Use and acknowledge the Privacy Statement” and click ‘Create Account’. If there isn’t any issues, you will see this page. Click Done.

Confirm account creation

After you click Done, Autodesk will send you an email to your student email. Check your student email for the account confirmation email and click on ‘Verify Email’. It will sometimes take up to an hour before you receive the email.

If you didn’t find the confirmation email, check inside your Spam folder.

Once your account is verified, you will see this. Click Done.

If you didn’t receive any email on activating the account, follow the following procedures:
On the home page of Autodesk (You will see the home page when you click Done after registering an account), click on Security Settings > Verify Email.

You will see “We have just sent a verification email…” message. Go to your student email and check for the account verification email.

If you didn’t verify your email and don’t see the page above, please go to this page and login using the credentials you registered. Once you logged in, you will see this page. Click on Get Verification Email and check your student email.

Login and Download

Select software to download

Go to You will see several Autodesk software's that are available for free, using your student account. Clicking on any of the software will bring you to the download site. Scroll down to see more Autodesk software that you can download.

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to download and install AutoCAD, but all other software should follow a similar installation procedure.


Once you’ve selected a software that you want to download, you will see two buttons: Sign In and Create Account. Since we already have an Autodesk account, we should click on ‘Sign In’.

Login using your Autodesk credentials.

Make sure you verified your account. If you haven’t done it, you will need to follow the additional step highlighted in Confirm account creation to verify your account before you can continue to download.

Fill in education details

Once you logged in successfully, you will see this page. Fill in using the following details:

Country, Territory, or Region of Education Institution


Educational role


Institution Type


On this page, you will need to provide the institution name and area of study. Type in “Asia Pacific University” into the Name of educational institution field and if you cannot find then, click on “Can’t find your school?”.

In this page, type in the following details and click Next:

Name of educational institution

Asia Pacific University

Institution Type

University (If not given, choose High School)


Kuala Lumpur


Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Next, fill in the form accordingly and click Next. When everything is done, you will see this message. Click Continue.

Download software

You will be brought back to the software download page, where it will say “Welcome back, username”. Select Version, Operating system, and Language according to your preference.

Once you’ve selected everything, you will see a message that informs you about an email has been sent to your mailbox containing licensing details. Click on Install Now.

This is the content of the email, it consists of the Product Key and Serial Number of the software. You may need it when it doesn’t activate automatically.

In the License and Services Agreement, select I Accept and click Install. Your web browser will start to download the installer.


Once the download completed, open the downloaded file and the installation process will start. The bootstrap installer will download the actual installer, which looks like this:

Click on Install (Install on this computer).

You can customize your installation here. Once completed, click Install.

The installation process involves downloading necessary files from the server, which may take an hour depending on your Internet connection.

Once completed, you will see this window. Click Launch Now to check if the software installed successfully.

If you install the software successfully, you won’t see any issue launching the software. Normally, Autodesk will automatically activate the software for you.

You can see that the software is licensed properly when the Window title is “STUDENT VERSION”.

Another way to check is through Manage License by clicking on the Sign In on the top right and click Manage License.

If the license is applied, you will see “Device License – Student Version”.


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