Why does the similarity report say Pending after I resubmit?

There are many reasons why you may want to resubmit to Turnitin. Perhaps you discover a mistake, or you were only checking your similarity report ahead of the deadline. This guide helps you to understand what you can and cannot do with resubmissions.

Turnitin allows you to resubmit 3 times, and then you must wait 24 hours. If you make a resubmission, you will see this message:

You have already submitted a paper to this assignment and a Similarity Report was generated for your submission. If you choose to resubmit your paper, your earlier submission will be replaced and a new report will be generated. After three resubmissions, you will need to wait 24 hours after a resubmission to see a new Similarity Report.

This policy is set by Turnitin. Moodle Support is not able to override this or make reports generate faster. We will not delete submissions so that you can start resubmitting again.

This does not mean that your submission will be considered late, even if the report is still pending after the due date. The time and date shown in the submitted column is considered your official submission time. Your tutors all understand that sometimes the report will take longer.

Please only contact us if the report has taken longer than 24 hours to appear. Send an email for assist@apu.edu.my with a link to the Moodle site, the name of the course code where you submitted it, and the Paper ID number.