FlexClassroom provides comfort to lecturers in Digital Teaching Ecosystem and allows students to learn from the comfort of APU Campus or their own home/vacation spots. FlexClassroom utilises existing Microsoft Teams with integrated equipment for hybrid teaching sessions.


When connecting to FlexClassroom, there are three main parts. Each part will be explained below:


Scheduling a meeting is a day to day step that needs to be performed by the lecturer before starting a meeting. This step still needs to be performed as usual by the lecturer. To learn how to schedule a meeting, click on the link below.



When a meeting is scheduled and the lecturer is ready to use a FlexClassroom, the lecturer must prepare the room for an Teams Room. To learn how to set up the room for a FlexClassroom, click on the link below.



FlexClassroom’s are deployed with AI-powered PTZ Webcams which will zoom and follow the presenter. The lecturer is required to enable to feature before commencing the class. To learn how to set up the AI-powered PTZ Webcam for a FlexClassroom, click on the link below.




Troubleshooting 1:

Ensure your Microphone setting on Teams is NOT muted.


Troubleshooting 2:

Double Checking Device Settings on the Teams Meeting is connected to the correct Microphone setting.

Ensure the Microphone is set to the Microphone and when you speak the bar has a signal.

Troubleshooting 3: Double-check if the Microphone your using is powered-on and the audio is coming to the classroom speakers.


If you have tried the above and if it still fails, please call for technical support.

Troubleshooting 1:

Try to speak from the Microphone and see if you are able to hear yourself. This will ensure if the room speakers are working fine or not.


Troubleshooting 2:

Check the speaker settings under Microsoft Teams Device Settings. Ensure the speaker is set to Speakers and the volume is full.

If you have tried the above and if it still fails, please call for technical support.

This issue is caused because of an audio loopback. To resolve this issue, ensure NOT more than 1 microphone or speakers are turned on. Lecturers and students in the room should make sure their microphone and speakers are on MUTE and only the resource computer’s speaker and microphone are enabled/un-mute.

Troubleshooting 1:

When sharing a screen or window which contains an audio file. The presenter needs to also enable 'Include Computer Sound' before sharing.

Ensure the current audio speaker is selected on your laptop and that the audio is turned on and not on mute.


Troubleshooting 2:

At times, when you forget to enable include Computer Sound and share your screen, but then enable the audio later, the audio might not work. So ensure to re-share the windows/application again and ensure to enable the 'Include Computer Sound' before sharing.



Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk Centre by sending an email to assist@apu.edu.my from your Office365@APU email. Meanwhile, If you have any questions, visit our Virtual Help Centre or search our Knowledge Base to find the answers you may need; FAQs, self-instructions, troubleshoot guides, tutorials etc.

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