How to join AWS Partner Network using student/staff email?

We are pleased to announce that APU, through our Centre of Technology and Innovation (CTI) has been selected as the only Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Sector Transformation Partner in Malaysia.

This partnership is in-line with the core of our business in higher education. In addition to the prestige awarded by AWS, we could develop course offerings within our computing programs which will benefit students and staff.

The Public Sector Partnership Program gives us access to the following benefits and resources to help us accelerate growth:

  1. Use of ‘Authorized Public Sector Partner’

  2. The distinction in the AWS Partner Solution Finder

  3. Differentiation in the AWS Partner Solution Finder by US socioeconomic status and contract vehicles

  4. Eligibility for additional APN (Amazon Partner Network) Public Sector funding opportunities

  5. Connection with our Public Sector Partner Development team

  6. Support from AWS on Public Sector Bids and Proposals

  7. Access to AWS Public Sector Sales team for prospective projects

  8. Eligibility for additional Public Sector programs, such as a free workshop, training, boot camps and so forth


To join the AWS APN Training website follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Open the URL below: and click on the Login link at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2 - Select via APN Partner Central “SIGN IN”

Step 3 - If this is your first time accessing APN you need to click on “Create Your APN Partner Central Account”. If you have accessed the APN before you can log in using your existing APN credential.

Please ensure you are using your student/staff email address

Step 4 - After the account creation process is complete you will get access to more than 600 free courses and pieces of training in the Learning Library section of the training website.