How to check my fee payment details on APSpace?

You can check fee payment details such us; Paid, Outstanding, and Overdue on your APSpace account. You can also see complete payment history transaction. Below are the steps shown on checking payment details and history of payments;

Step 1 - Open your APSpace app or web browser ( ).


Step 2 - Scroll down to the Financial widget and you can get quick overview of your fee payment.


In the Financial widget, you can filter and hide by tapping on the color-code, like in the screenshot below, we want to see Outstanding payment so, we have filter and hide Paid and Overdue.


Step 3 - To have a detail information / history of fee payment transaction;

  • Search for Fees or

  • Click More and scroll down to Finance section



Step 4 - In Finance page, you can see Summary and Details of your fee payment